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Pollard’s Combe Farm

Here at Pollard’s Combe Farm we are very passionate about what we produce, all of our livestock are raised as part of the natural ecosystems, this interaction with natural, complex systems allows for greater ecological and environmental benefits along with positive animal health, welfare and expression of natural interactions and behaviours. 


Our Holostic grazing techniques and Regenerative Agricultural practices allow Farming and nature to thrive hand-in-hand, this species rich interaction between both domesticated and wild animals allow for huge ecological benefits on our holding.


Our grazing techniques work hand in hand with local wildlife, allowing for a mutually beneficial relationship to thrive, the grazing techniques used can also mean that our ground acts as a sink for atmospheric carbon and thus help decrease atmospheric concentration and begin the process of regenerating the planet as a whole.


Our business is run in a very environmentally conscious way, we are always looking to ways that we can encourage local wildlife, reducing use of plastics, reducing reliance on imported goods and decreasing our Carbon Footprint.


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