About Us

Here at Pollard’s Combe Farm we are very passionate about all the projects we run on our holding.

We raise all our animals as part of the natural ecosystem, our farming techniques run alongside the complex natural systems. The grazing of both ruminant and non-ruminant farm animals, is simulating the natural habitat that was present millions of years ago and all of the species practice natural behaviours, all of which are key to the overall functionality of the ecosystem.


Our Cows and Sheep are grazed on a rotational system, this simulates the natural, roaming traits practiced by the wild herds of herbivorous megafauna, for millions of years. 

Our Chickens and Turkeys are free to roam over our ground, expressing natural behaviours and participating in complex social groups. They utilise much of the ground that is inaccessible for larger animals and maintain these areas as biodiverse habitat for both their, and the good of local wildlife. 

Our Pigs are pasture raised, free to roam over many acres of ground, expressing natural behaviour, these differing patterns of foraging encourage a wider and more diverse mix of plants and helps to promote the existence of many species of wildlife. 

Our business is run in a very environmentally conscious way, we are always looking to ways that we can encourage local wildlife, reducing use of plastics, reducing reliance on imported goods and decreasing our Carbon Footprint.




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